jewellery design drawing by biagio patalano


"A design in jewellery always begins with the stone. It's the centrepiece, the focus, almost as an artist starts to paint his inspiration.

The vibrancy in the stone has to be exceptional and therefore each one is meticulously sought from trusted, responsible sources. Every design is unique and made only once, encompassing bold and dramatic statement pieces to delicate and elegant, highly wearable creations.

The collection is inspired by Renaissance Italy, the Art Deco movement of early 20th century and the influence of my island heritage on Ischia. Places such as Santa Maria Della Salute church in Venice which is simple, very beautiful and very light-filled and walking amongst the back streets to get lost and immersed on the island. The candlelit masked ball at the Doges Palace. Growing up in a palazzo where frescos by a young Michelangelo have been discovered, brings a lifetime of art and jewellery together.

My desire is that you find a piece of Artistry that captures your imagination and heart to wear for all time."

Biagio Patalano