Acchiappasogni - The Dreamcatcher

  • By Laura Jones

Acchiappasogni - The Dreamcatcher

Catch your dreams as you wear the latest demi-parure designs from Biagio Patalano. 

The Acchiappasogni collection takes the dreamcatchers of native American culture as its inspiration. First found amongst the Ojibwe people of Canada and northern parts of the US, dreamcatchers are said to have originated with the story of Asibaikaashi - 'The Spider Woman'. 

Asibaikaashi is the guardian spirit of tribe members, especially infants, and the women of the tribe invoke her powers of protection for their families by making dreamcatchers to hang around the home and above beds. 

The design is not purely decorative but each component brings a particular quality to the overall purpose. The central round shape represents the earth and the circle of life, it is here that negative energies and bad dreams are caught, whilst the beads or feathers which hang from the circle act as slides, down which positive energy and good dreams descend onto the person or persons below. 

In Acchiappasogni's bejewelled design the form the dreamcatchers elegant form is sculpted from everlasting 18ct white gold while the beads are immortalised by bright, clear rubies. 

These rubies have been hand-selected by Biagio for their quality, but also with their spiritual energies in mind. 

Ruby represent nobility, purity and passion. It is a protective stone, just as the dreamcatcher is a protective talisman, that brings happiness and passion to the wearer, shielded them from negative energies and promoting self-worth. 

Thus, the dreamcatcher's mythical abilities are enhanced by the rubies own qualities and diamonds set around the circle bring a brilliance representative of the sun, which burns away the negative energies caught inside the circle. 

Just imagine being the wearer of this striking set....

Make it yours. 

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