A design in jewellery always begins with the stone

  • By Davina Cooke

A design in jewellery always begins with the stone

The stone, the precious metal, the 5 step choice.

“A design in jewellery always begins with the stone. It's the centrepiece stone that is the focus, almost as an artist starts to paint his inspiration.” Biagio Patalano, 2019. 

Can we all have fine jewellery which is one-of-a-kind, unique to you and you alone?

Gioia ring with Zoisite centrepiece stone
Gioia - Pear-cut Zoisite & Diamond Halo Ring

The Artistry Collection has been passionately designed by Biagio Patalano to make this possible and solely consists of exclusive statement jewellery throughout, each bringing the true beauty of the centrepiece precious stone to the forefront of the design.

Whilst every piece in the collection is a one-off, should your most desired design be sold before you can make it your own, Biagio and his team would be happy to work on a similar or brand new bespoke design with you which will best describe your own personality and flair. To create the perfect work of art, simply talk to us and we can make your desires a reality.

With a choice of precious stones and metals, a totally different approach is possible to each individual piece. We can help guide you through the following 5 steps to make the perfect piece achievable for all…….

1. A choice of centrepiece stone

Is your choice of centrepiece a luminescent brilliant diamond, dark soulful sapphire or be swept away in an ocean of blue topaz? Let your personality glissen.

Every gemstone has its own magical attributes and reasons why they suit your energy and soul.

Sirena shell necklace with brilliant diamond centrepiece

Sirena - 18ct White Gold & Diamond Shell Necklace

2. A choice of complimentary stone

Not enough choice? Why not add to the design a complimentary coloured stone which reminds you of a cherished one or far-off shore you have explored once before. 

Rinascimento Notte bracelet with sapphire centrepiece stone

Rinascimento Notte - Sapphire, Diamond & White Gold Bracelet

3. A choice of cut

When you thought that a pink sapphire was breathtaking enough, the Artistry craftsman work this truly magnificent stone into an emerald-cut, taking us to another level of awe and wonder. Suddenly a brilliance of this outstanding stone maybe admired on each wonderful facet, bringing a whole new level of interest to your uniquely designed piece of jewellery.

Ballerina ring with pink sapphire emerald-cut centrepiece stone

Ballerina - White gold & Emerald-cut Pink Sapphire Ring

4. A choice of precious metals

Gold, white gold, platinum...for everyone there is the perfect choice. Some may be swayed by their fondness of the warmth of traditional gold, others may prefer a more of a contemporary approach. Other influences in your choice may be more practical and should be explored before ultimately making your final choice of which precious metal should carry and dance with the overall design and application of fine jewels.

Sirena eternity ring with round brilliant diamond centrepiece stones

Sirena - Eternity Ring in 18ct Gold with Round Brilliant Diamonds

5. A design twist to each piece

No design will ever be the same. Work with us to tell your story with a piece of Artistry and make your design the best that the Artistry goldsmiths have ever created. 

Tell us your story and let Biagio Patalano and his team craft the perfect centrepiece stone, exquisitely for you.

 let Biagio Patalano and his team craft the perfect centrepiece stone, exquisitely for you.

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